Art can be many different things for different people, from political protest to esoteric to  decorative.  For me it has been an integral process and expression of my spiritual journey.  I know that  where we put our attention and energy is where we create more of the same in our lives, whether delight or despair.  My personal Mantra in recent  years has been:  Listen for Guidance and Look for Joy.    My intent with my art is to offer opportunities  for the viewer to experience joy.


*  From the  prairies of Saskatchewan to the shores of southern Lake Michigan, my life journey has now landed me in Cincinnati, Ohio.  
* While I studied art in undergrad,  I accepted the the  pressures and "common wisdom" that no one  really makes a living making art and ended up pursuing a career first in Mental Health and then in  Higher Education.
* Still, art has  always had my heart . As I journeyed through 2 marriages, trauma,   self doubt, perfectionism, breast cancer    and  the need to please,   I lugged my art supplies and easel from home to home   turned again and again to art.     Through art I  learned to play and to release self judgment .  In time, I   found my voice and my true self.    In 2018, art became my full time commitment.


2018         Individual Show                       Lydia's on Ludlow                      Cincinnati,   OH
2016         Individual   Show                       Coffee Amici                                      Findlay,   OH
2016         Individual Show                       The Wine Merchant              Findlay,  OH
2015         Juried  Group  Show             Fifth/Third Bank and Warner, Norcross  & Judd    - Grand Rapids Art                                                                                                          Prize          Grand Rapids,  MI

2012         Juried  Group Show             The Ohio Arts Council & Columbus Metropolitan Library                                                                                                                                            Columbus,  OH
2007       Juried  Group Show               Veridian  Gallery                           New York,  NY
A Long Time Ago:                                           BA in Art and Psychology,   Grand Valley State University,  MI